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Half day excursions

City life, jungle adventure, the traditional English town: welcome to half-day excursions at More Than English.


Experience the atmosphere of a truly cosmopolitan city and some of the best shopping in Europe including the famous Selfridges:

The website of the City of Birmingham:

Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Explore the hometown of the great biologist Charles Darwin. Discover the history of the UK from Roman times to the present day in the brand new museum, admire the traditional black and white buildings and explore this typical English town.Excursion - Shrewsbury - MTE






The website of Shrewsbury Museum:


Jungle Adventure

Two amazing choices: Rope Challenge or Paintball. Which activity would you choose? 


Students love our jungle adventures. Both activities provide fantastic practice of English. Before the activity, students get very excited speaking together in teams to make the best plan so that their team will win. After the activity students spend hours telling the story of their jungle adventure.

Jungle adventure





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