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    Meet the staff who will look after your child during summer school.

    David  – Owner anDavidd Academic Director

    David is a DELTA qualified English teacher. He studied English Language and Literature at university and has over 20 years’ experience of teaching English in the UK and in different countries including: Russia, Greece and at the British Council in Jordan and Oman. He has managed summer schools for almost 10 years. Also with a  background teaching international students in British boarding schools, David believes that all students need to develop skills in Academic English as well as General English and is interested in helping students develop the skills and confidence to use their English in challenging new ways.

    ClaireClaire  – Owner and Operations Director

    Claire is a qualified English teacher. She has been a teacher for 5 years including at the British Council in Oman and Tunisia. She has taught and managed on summer schools  for 4 years. Having studied Tourism Management at university, Claire is passionate about delivering high levels of service for students and making sure that everything about the programme is to the highest standard. Claire has lived and worked in many different cultures and loves the mix of nationalities on summer school. For her, the most important thing is that every child is treated as an individual so that all students have a fantastic time and enjoy their learning experience.

    Amy  – Senior House Parent

    Amy is a qualified grade “A” CELTA English teacher. She has taught English for 8 years in Spain, China and the UK and has taught on summer schools since 2009. At More Than English, Amy’s focus is looking after the children,  managing the residence, organising students and making sure that every student has everything they need. Amy’s teaching background makes her the perfect person for this role. She’s an expert at communicating with children whose 2nd language is English and she makes sure that the first language in the residence is English. Amy loves engaging with students on summer school and getting to know each student as an individual.

    Anna – Senior Activity Designer

    Anna is a Masters degree qualified English teacher with 10 years’ experience including 7 years teaching and managing on summer school. She is a published textbook writer for Pearson and a regular presenter at teaching conferences. Anna is a very creative teacher and she brings this creativity to the activity programme. Using her teaching skills, Anna is an expert at getting students motivated and excited about participating in activities. She loves to see students doing activities in international teams and using their English in a real context.

    Richard – Head Professional Sports Coach

    Richard is a Level 4 LTA (Lawn and Tennis Association) coach qualified to teach tennis to national level. As well as being passionate about helping students achieve sporting excellence, Richard is just as keen that all young people take up sport as part of a healthy lifestyle. He is also the former Team GB Captain for Beach Tennis. Richard is the Owner and Manager of his own sports training company called Sports4U. Richard and his team of qualified coaches teach tennis, football and golf all year to children and teenagers.

    Jenny – Head of Film

    Jenny has a first class degree in Media and Performance and is the owner of a film and drama company. She loves film. She loves acting. She loves education. Jenny and her team specialise in teaching children how to storyboard, script, direct and edit films. Learning a new skill is about learning to take a risk. What Jenny loves is when students watch the premiere of their own film at the cinema and realise that it is better than they ever dreamt possible. Jenny does not just teach film. She teaches students that anything is possible.

    Laura – Head of Dance and Drama

    Laura is a TV actress, dance teacher and drama teacher with a degree in acting. Laura is the owner of her own entertainment and education company. She spends a lot of time working in schools with British children helping them to create stage productions and dance shows. Laura is passionate about giving young people the confidence to express themselves through dance and drama. From street dance to hip-hop, from Shakespeare to TV drama, there is no limit to the kind of show students can produce with Laura’s guidance. One more thing: she is also an AMAZING singer!

    Dan – Head of Golf

    Dan is a qualified PGA golf coach connected to Ludlow Golf Club. Dan teaches pro-Golf at More Than English using our 9 hole par-3 golf course on campus. For Dan, there’s nothing more exciting than teaching young people how to do the sport he loves. Dan is not just a golf pro, he is a great coach so he can teach advanced players at the highest level as well as providing an exciting introduction for beginners who just want to try something new.


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