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    Here’s what our students are saying about summer school at More Than English.
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    diego-4-jpgDiego, 15 – Brazil

    “The Moor Park school is marvellous. It’s really old and that makes it feel traditionally English. It is situated in the countryside. This school is really safe and I feel comfortable in it.”

    veronica Veronika, 12 – Czech Republic

    “I stayed in a big room and it was beautiful and very big. My roommates were friendly and from different countries. I enjoyed this the most.”

    alinaAlina – 16 – Latvia

    “I loved the food in the summer camp. It was different every day, we had various types of international food for lunch and dinner like Mexican, Italian and others. My favourite ones were rice and curry and wonderful vegetarian lasagna / vegan food.”

    marta-2Marta, 15 – The Ukraine

    “What is very important when you go to a summer school is the teaching. I liked the fact that teachers are always ready to help you. In the lessons we spoke a lot, learnt new vocabulary and listened. The teachers made sure you understood everything.”

    weronika2-jpgWeronika, 13 – Poland

    “On the subject of the classes, we had a group of ten people and 7 different nationalities! My classmates were friendly and patient. We were always busy and had something to do. Our teacher was a native speaker and we also had a student from England!”

    thomas-3Thomas, 15 – France

    “As for the lessons, the English lessons were so cool and 100 times more fun than my English lessons in Monaco!! I learnt quickly. That’s a really good point about this school.”

    zvonimir-3-jpgZvonimir, 16 – Croatia

    “What makes this school special are Get Ahead options. They are afternoon classes which are all about one topic you choose. It can be speech making, golf, tennis, football, film, dance and many more. Through these classes you meet professional coaches and teachers.”

    rokasRokas, 14 – Lithuania

    “On Get Ahead I played tennis with a coach. I learnt a lot about tennis from the coach because before I hadn’t played tennis before. I also tried new games like cricket and dodgeball.”

    Aurora, 12 – Italy

    “Monday night was very fun because we either went to the movies or bowling. Every Friday night there was a show. In the first week there was a fashion show and in the 2nd week there was a dance show – both were very fun.”

    rodrigo-2Rodrigo, 12 – Spain

    “In More Than English we had lots of activities. The best one was paintball because we had lots of fun.”

    lorenzo-4Lorenzo, 16 – Italy

    “The excursions were really fun and in very nice places. The first trip was in Birmingham. It was really nice to see a very big city like it. Birmingham is a melting pot. On the second trip we went to Warwick castle. It was really fun and the castle was a very beautiful place.”

    davidDavid – 15 – Spain

    “I’ve been to different summer camps since I was 12 and the thing that impressed me the most, by far, was the closeness and familiar feeling that this summer school gave me

    domDanunai, 15 – Thailand

    “I really enjoyed International night because it helped me understand the difference between my country and their countries.”

    giacomoGiacomo, 15 – Italy

    “This year I was at the college with people from Italy, France, Thailand, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia and Brazil! It was a very beautiful experience. I knew lot of very friendly people and when I’ll return to Italy, I’ll miss a lot these people.”

    maria-r-3Maria, 15 – Spain

    “Not only do I feel more confident about my English, but I’ve also got around 30+ new friends from around the world. I have been to many summer schools and I can assure you that this one has the best mix of nationalities so far.”

    maria-mc-cMaria, 15 – UK

    “I honestly recommend MTE to everyone. It’s so much fun, you learn and you can even go shopping too! I hope that next year I have the opportunity to come back again because it’s an amazing experience. It’s unforgettable.”

    Sanad in London 600Sanad, 13 – Jordan

    “After the visit I started seriously considering going to UK for my university degree!”

    mariaMaria, 15 – Brazil

    “This summer was one of the most different experiences of my life. First of all, I met people of 13 different nationalities, cultures and thoughts making friendships that I’m taking with me forever.”

    giselle-2Giselle, 14 – Mexico

    “I recommend More Than English because it will expand the way you see the world.”


    And here’s what our lovely parents say:

    Daniela, parent – Brazil

    “It got me all impressed from the beginning, as the days went by I got a real clue what was all about, that means absolutely a place and summer school much “More than English” great teacher, stuff, team, food, and the most of all, my son was very happy and excited to be there. I would do all over again, and for parents that are not sure yet about sending your kids, you all should do it. Get involved and you also be part of this wonderful experience. Thank you all ‘More than English'”

    Alejandro, parent – Mexico

    “I want to write a few lines to thank your incredible support for making Verónica’s stay in Britain a wonderful experience. Please keep me advised next year to send my other daughter.”

    Angela, parent – Italy

    “We have to thank you because the girls are really happy and enthusiastic about their stay in Ludlow. Once landed in Milan, we went together with Valentina and her parents to have pizza together and it was amazing seeing the two outgoing girls so cheerful and happy explaining us what they did , what they learnt, people met ….. They said they would have stayed one week more!!!!!”

    Vilius, parent – Lithuania

    “On my own behalf and on behalf of my son I would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity to have a good time, see the country and learn the English language. As a father, I am happy to see the satisfaction and joy of my son because of what he saw, knew and whom he met. He returned back changed in a good way, freer in communication, with improved English, what, we believe, will help him in the future.

    Especially I am grateful to personnel of Camp for care and provided security for my son during all the stay in England. My son was also very pleased with his House Parent.”

    Guadalupe, parent – Mexico

    “We must thank you for the wonderful experience that my daughter had this summer with you, it was enriching for her to live with children from other countries and realise that in the end everyone at your age have the same concerns and the same dreams in any part of the world.”




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