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    ‘Get Ahead’ academy options

    Learn to use your English in new ways

    Every child is different with different ‘goals’ and ambitions. Our Get Ahead options motivate students by giving them the opportunity to use their English in enjoyable and challenging new ways. We offer a wide range of creative, sports and academic choices suitable for students with English levels from Pre-intermediate (A2) to Proficiency (C2).

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    Get Ahead study options

    Professional Sports Coaching

    We have teamed up with a member of Team GB and his team of qualified coaches to offer 9 hours a week of professional sports coaching in tennis, football and golf.

    Students not only improve their sports skills, but also improve their English by communicating in a real life situation. An English teacher works with the sports teacher so that students also learn vocabulary connected to the sport they are learning.

    Performing Arts and the Media

    9 hours a week of acting, filming, writing, presenting or, if students prefer to be ‘behind the scenes’, of producing and directing! There are 4 choices:


    Students storyboard, shoot and edit their very own film. The end result is then showed to an audience. This is superb for creative skills and students learn technical and team working skills.

    Dance choreography

    Working with professional dance teachers, students learn different dance styles from around the world  and work together in mixed nationality teams to create a choreographed dance show to present to the school.

    Students write, produce and perform their own production – in English! Students learn teamwork, project management and it gives them confidence to ‘speak in public’ and perform in front of an audience.

    PET and FCE

    An extra 9 hours of English lessons preparing students for Cambridge PET and FCE exams.


    1:1 lessons

    1-1 English sized

    There is also the option of one to one lessons so students can focus on those particular areas they want or need to focus on.

    This could be:

    • Grammar
    • Writing
    • Speaking
    • Listening
    • Reading
    • Exam skills
    • Vocabulary

    Creative English

    Song Writing

    If you love pop, rock or rap, this option is for you. Listen to great songs. Read the lyrics of great songs. Analyse the vocabulary in great songs. Then, with the help of your ‘singer songwriter teacher’,  write and even record your own song.


    The greatest stories ever told: reloaded. Romeo and Juliet? Macbeth? The Merchant of Venice? Which play would you like to study? From years of experience, we know that B2 to C2 students love the challenge of studying Shakespeare. Love, ambition, rivalry, revenge: with the help of our interactive teaching techniques,  students will discover more about these timeless universal themes, developing their debating skills and creative thinking skills at the same time.

    Macbeth? > Power
    Romeo and Juliet? > Love

    The Shakespeare course is a 2-week option and students study a complete play. Do not forget that on our excursion programme, students also have the opportunity to visit Stratford, the birthplace of Shakespeare.

    Creative Writing

    Creative writing - licensed bing 20-02-14

    Students learn how to write a great short story. They learn how to generate ideas, create a structure , and they develop special techniques to describe atmosphere and character. At the end, we publish the stories.



    For 9 hours a week, students develop their team working and project management skills; they learn how to delegate, and how to work in an international environment.

    Business project

    Students learn the theory behind successful leadership. They also develop teamwork, delegation and project management skills by being involved in a practical business project that involves designing, pitching and selling a new product competitively.

    With their teacher, students  go in to Ludlow to sell their products to British people.

    Model United Nations

    With the rapid development of technology, it is arguably only a matter of time until robots with consciousness are developed. What will the impact of such robots be on our society?

    At the Model United Nations, working in teams, students learn to research and formally debate global issues. This course is perfect preparation for students planning to go to university in the UK in the future.

    Interested? Meet Sally:

    Speech Making

    Young people can change the world. On our Speech Making course students study speeches by famous speech makers such as Barack Obama to learn about the language and structure of speeches. After that, they research a topic that they feel passionately about and deliver their speech to a live audience. 



    All of our Get Ahead options are included in the price! 

    There is always a good choice of options for students of every English level:

    • A minimum of 4 options every week for students with A2 (Pre-Intermediate)
    • A minimum of 6 options every week for students with C1 (Advanced)

    Students can choose a different Get Ahead option every week or do the same option every week. The only exception is the Shakespeare play (2-week option).


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